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Out with the old...

What a long extension of 2020, right?!

In with the New Year!

You know, when you arrived I KNEW that we were escaping the pandemic. I knew it meant relief from the past two years. Instead, you came in to teach greater lessons. I think it's safe to say that 2021 came to make sure that we didn't get too comfortable so soon. There were expired lifestyles, habits, relationships, and mindsets that needed to be burned to the ground. I mean any and everything hiding in the crevices was snatched out like a child screaming in the mall. Complete vulnerability, self discovery, humbling, intentionality, and love, real love took place in my life this year. I'm in awe at my growth, discovery, and direction. Spiritually I have evolved and at the end of it, I'm blessed.

2021 you were also extremely intimate, family focused, healing, freeing, nurturing, and necessary. Karmic cycles were vividly exposed and completed. I meannnnn, talking about shaking the table! In my honesty, I spent too much time in my past thinking of others, focused on love of a man, sitting in procrastination, fearful of change, and upset at lack of resources. I heard God ask the question, "Baby girl, will you tap into YOU now?" quite often. it all makes sense now... I spent my last quarter focusing on what was actually important to me: family, health, food, finances, my life's purpose, and self care. I'm excited to step into 2022 with a different side of me. One who is hungry for what God has for me.

I cannot end the year without talking about Insecure and the shift in culture for us. We ended our relationship with five beautiful seasons of Insecure. It gave me great happiness and sadness to watch the finale. I cried as if I had to say farewell to my besties! The joy that I had for everyone but especially Molly and Kelly. Just amazing, well done to the entire Insecure production team. What I appreciate the most from this series, is the way that it allowed black women to understand ourselves deeper. It was refreshing to actually watch tv and truly feel seen. To be able to see tv characters that are relatable and not a fairytale version of black women or media's favorite version of us is groundbreaking to say the least. It was a rollercoaster ride full of our beauty, pain, anger, relationships, mental health, evolution and love. In the end, seeing our favorite foursome happy, gives me the peace to believe. Thank you Issa. We will never forget what you created for the culture and for us.

"I had to believe that it would work out for it to work." -Issa Dee

Farewell 2021

2018-21 was mentally, physically and emotionally challenging for my family. I have so much gratitude for God's protection and love. Together, we've made it in love and support of one another. I wish I could fully tell you just how amazing God is but I'm sure you have your own testimonies to be proud of. God is the ultimate bestie and I am grateful to be in the number. I will say, to be gentle with yourself and your loved ones. We are all living different experiences, with a different set of fears, childhood trauma and past hurt. Love your aging parents, the way that you wanted to be loved as a child. The role reversal is very real and it's a blessing in disguise. I deeply feel richer than I've ever been and I haven't even scratched the surface. As we close this chapter I leave you with 21 gems of 2021:

  1. If you don't belong, don't be long.

  2. When you are brave, God and the Universe rewards you.

  3. Don't hold the weight of your past. Let it go.

  4. People who can't adjust with the changes of life just live in a world that no longer exists. Change doesn't mean you're threatened.

  5. Focus on what you can control.

  6. When your purpose is bigger than popularity; you focus more on what matters most.

  7. Resist the urge to conform to rejection.

  8. Conforming to rejection is how we miss purpose.

  9. There's pressure created in manifestation.

  10. The circumstances doesn't change the anointing.

  11. It's okay to have an opinion and allow others to share their view point without taking offense to differences.

  12. The systematic effect of indulgence is one helluva drug.

  13. You have every right to choose yourself. You need you more than anything.

  14. Thank God for those who love you in the midst of being you. They are the real gems.

  15. Go laugh in the places you've cried. Change the narrative.

  16. What's inside your cup is for you, what pours out is for them.

  17. You do not have to entertain anyone, anything, or any thought that makes you feel like less than. Pray for guidance and healing. Trust God's word.

  18. You cannot build a deep connection with someone who is disconnected from themselves.

  19. Distance yourself from people that bring out an expired version of yourself.

  20. Stay consistent. You're very close to manifesting your vision.


With all of that being said... I have poured my heart out to you. I wish nothing but magical abundance to you and your family. Plan, organize, and live life colorfully my baby! Protect your family's immunity and health the way that you see fit. Stop judging others because you have work to do yourself. 30 veggies a week and keep your eyes on the political folk.

The past is your lesson. The present is your gift. The future is your motivation.

2021, thank you for making me softer, more aware of my emotions, intentional and better focused.

Bigger picture:

Black women can have it all but it will take dedicated time and effort to get there.

Love ya'll,

Dommi Raye