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17 June 2020|This is 30...

Let me tell you a story.

I think about all of the ladies who have had a breakdown or life crisis over the thought of reaching 30. Dirty 30 most say. Jay said "Thirty's the new twenty... I'm so hot still." I cannot lie to you... COVID ruined my plans of a 3 day weekend filled of events, food, music, and vibes for friends and family to enjoy. I was bummed about it up until a week ago. The beauty that COVID has provided is time to reflect, build and heal. 30 is so fresh right now but the year leading to it has provided true self discovery, raw emotion, isolation and uncomfortable healing. Around my teenage years, I began suppressed my authenticity to make others feel comfortable. One of the benefits to being a Gemini is duality; we adapt in different settings. If you’re not careful, you will lose yourself. I found myself in some of the deepest and darkest mental moments of my life over made up realities. I chased someone else’s dream to make other’s suggestions of my life reality. I sat too long for wasted energies. I have also talked myself out of many things. 2020 showed up and God said, I’m tired of waiting for you to take my redirection. I was stripped of EVERYTHING. (Y’all have no idea lol.) For me to end up where I am now: happy. I’m grateful for my spiritual growth, it keeps me grounded. I’m blessed to have a solid circle and tribe. I’m honored that God continues to show out for me. My childhood traumas are no longer heavy triggers for me. Anxiety over abandonment no longer control me. I’m blessed to have both of my parents alive with me today. The love my sister shows for me is unmatched. 🤞🏽 I can go on and on so I’ll stop here... Mantra: Never compromise if it is unsettling for your soul. ✨ Tell me your favorite memory from your 30th birthday below!!! I want to live vicariously through you while enjoying my post quarantine birthday.

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