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It’s a Ritual that I thank God for

Burning sage is like opening the window for fresh air.

It’s like giving energy a bath. It’s cleansing, purifying and soothing. It’s a ritual.

Burning sage also known as smudging is a part of my self care and housekeeping duties. It’s a powerful ritual that allows me to protect my energy and that of which is around me. In the poetic words of KDot, “Please don’t kill my vibe” and I mean that. I felt that on another level!!!

I am very intentional and observant of the energy that we each carry. Personally, my awareness keeps me grounded, reduces my anxiety and provides peace in my life.

I practice burning sage for a number of things. In general, people burn sage and other holy herbs to cleanse an environment of negative energy, for healing purposes and to promote wisdom. Have you ever been in a room when the tension is so thick that you can feel it? It’s a very surreal feeling if you think about it. It’s cringy and it sends me chile. This reminds me of a time where I began to burn sage to remove what felt like an angry ass mood for people in the room. I was so appreciate of the sage that dinner. When smudging a room to cleanse the aura and energy field, I like to open windows to allow the negative energy out. I pray during my smudging ceremony and command the negative energy out of my space. It truly does make me feel better. I’ve even watched family members change from being angry and agitated to peaceful and quiet. God put His hand on sage when he created it.


Smudging is definitely not a new practice. My ancestors used it in African culture many moons ago. It has also been used in Asian and Native American cultures. The benefits of burning sage are endless. For starters, burning sage in a room for an hour reduces airborne bacteria by 94%. Other reasons to burn sage include:

  • Moving into a new place

  • Lifting/Resetting the mood

  • When cleansing object like crystals and crystal jewelry of the energy that it has absorbed

  • Reducing stress and anxiety

  • Digestive issues: loss of appetite, bloating and gas

  • When someone enters or exits your home

  • After an argument

  • After illness

  • To help release any outside energy that you may be holding on to

  • Meditation

  • Sacred baths

There are over 900 species of sage. However for smudging purposes I use white sage. It burns well and has a pleasant fragrance. Are you ready to dig deeper into your self care rituals and spiritual practice? Honor yourself by purchasing a bundle of sage. You can find it any any trusted health foods store. Be sure to purchase a fireproof burning bowl to hold the sage. I prefer the beautiful seashell bowls.

Light the sage and allow the flame to burn for a moment then blow the flame out. If using it for spiritual purposes set an intention, send a prayer to God and watch the magic happen in your life. If cleansing the aura and energy in your home, walk into each room to purify with the sacred smoke. Open the windows and allow positive energy to infiltrate your space.

Wishing you all of the love, happiness, harmony, and good health this year!

Style for style,

Dommi Raye

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