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Brunchin' and Crunchin' on Portobello Bacon

On Sunday’s We BRUNCH because Brunch is ALWAYS a good idea!

I love having friends and family over to kick it with good music and good food! It’s the time that I get to show off my vent planning skills and today was no different. It was a very chill brunch for us with Anita Baker and Maze on the record player. Sometimes you need that vibe because I get tired of R&B selections these days. Everyone sounds the same and it bores me.

I’ve been looking for different ways to prepare old breakfast favorites.

What was on the menu Dommi?

Well, I’m glad that you asked! LOL

I made grits, sautéed kale, GF cheddar bay biscuits, and BACONNNNN! Well portobello bacon lol but it was pretty darn good! Even my mother thought so and she HATES mushrooms of any kind. Here’s the recipe on my version of bacon for us plant based folk.


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