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21 September 2020

I’m a romantic... in the most extreme way. I love to date myself. I buy myself flowers, I get dressed, light candles, play sexy music and cook myself nice meals. I love to be in love with people, exchange love, watch love, you name it. My love for summer is one of the most intense loves I’ve ever had. I cringe when I hear someone say “I hate summer. It’s too hot!”. There’s no such thing: Summer is beautiful. It’s not just a season to me. I seriously feel connected to summer spiritually. It heals me, soothes me, makes me the happiest. It’s the epitome of romance from the flowers, to the sound of the ocean waves, the way the sun kissed my skin... It’s magical to say the least. Families come together more often in the summer for cookouts, reunions, water sports, you name it! My favorite summer memory is being with my family. When I was younger, after our bbq, we’d drive to Diary Delight on 6 Mile and Schaefer. I’d always get a strawberry sundae but made sure to steal my dad’s lemon custard lol. We’d take our ice cream down to belle isle to sit by the water and enjoy each other’s company. My sister and I sat and butchered the lyrics to Frankie Beverly and Maze’s Happy feelings. Our parents exposed us to real music every chance that they could... such sweet memories. In the summer, my favorite fruits are in season (watermelon, cherries, cantaloupe, etc). Summer music feels different too: from Summertime by Fresh Prince and Jazzy J to Summer madness by Kool and the gang, to Benny Sings’ Summerlude it’s a damn vibe. Summer is a feeling. It’s warm and vibrant. Two amazing traits. There’s so much energy during the summer. The sun just makes me want to stay out all day! Summer you have always found a way to wrap me up and feel your warmth. All those sweet summer nights and I can’t forget about the summer rain. Carl Thomas put it on paper for us to reminisce when you’re away. Until next year my love. I’ll save my sequin biker shorts, low back jumpsuits, and bohemian dresses for you. What’s your favorite summertime memory? Share them with me below.

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