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A Life of Luxury and Plantistry

Chef Dommi Raye is a fresh Chef in the Detroit area, exploring new dining with fresh cooking methods and twists on old classics. You can expect flowers, plants and herbs uniquely orchestrated throughout Chef Dommi's artistry. Food is more than just flavor; it is also what connects each of us, nourishes, heals, and is passed down through generations. "It's an art form for me that I am blissful to share with my community", says Chef Dommi Raye.  Her recipes are flavorful and delicately created, and Chef Dommi's services are simply unmatched. If you want to learn more, simply reach out today!

Telephone: (313)-600-4191
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Meet the Chef

Citrus Fruits

What We Do

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Allow Chef Dommi Raye to create a tasting menu for you and your guests. Whether you are looking to try new plant based flavors, choosing a menu for your next catered service or simply want to spice your weekend plans up, Chef Dommi has you covered! 

Raw Cocktails

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We understand that it is not always easy to eat the entire rainbow everyday. Joining Chef Dommi's program will allow for easier ways to gain your daily dose of antioxidant-rich, health-boosting green leafy veggies, detoxify your body and  maintain a healthy metabolism. Chef Dommi Raye maintains a client list for weekly juicing. Look for the monthly juice menu to place your order.

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Private Chef Services

As a member of the Chronic badass community, it is important for Chef Dommi Raye to use fresh and organic foods to create art for the soul and the gut. Specializing in meals that are free from gluten and dairy; allow Chef Dommi to create a private 3 course meal for you and your guest, family and intimate events.


"Chef Dommi's food is flavorful, delicious and filling. I can't tell that I'm eating vegan but I love that I am eating clean unprocessed foods when dinging with Dommi!"

— Tony B., educator


"The food is good! I'm not giving up meat anytime soon but Dommi's meal prep helps me to achieve what I don't wnat to on my own."

— Dre, football coach


Popup Meals

Find out what's on Dommi's menu this week!

Popup Meals

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Email:               Telephone: (313)-600-4191

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