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Dommi Raye


"The highest human act is to inspire."



My Work

Black Balloons

About Me

As a bright minded city girl with creole roots and a love affair for good music, Dommi Raye the Brand is my lovechild to the world! It is the creative outlet that I have always dreamed of. I'd like to consider myself a self-proclaimed romance connoisseur with a slight obsession of color. (Very important fact!) At Dommi Raye the Brand, we romanticize food, fashion, and life as an art form. I am a multifaceted creative and entrepreneur from Detroit, MI. I am also an advocate for Hidradenitis Suppurativa. As a HS warrior of 12 years, it is important for me to cultivate resource and an environment for others to learn, in untraditional ways, self-care and managing stress. My dad always says, "There’s healing in community".

Some of you may know me as Chef Dommi (blushes). Cooking is a pastime of mine that never gets old. I have always been connected to food and the way that it makes people feel. As a culinary enthusiast, I have taken a special journey that has planted me exactly where I should be. 

Dommi Raye the Brand is nothing like anything you've ever seen before. It is in a lane of it's own. DRB, is my artistry on a golden platter. I welcome you to join the party and experience all that we have to offer; you never know what may come next!

Welcome to my world! 

Style for style,

Dommi Raye



Dining with Dommi

Exploring new dining with fresh cooking methods and twists on old classics. You can expect flowers, plants and herbs uniquely orchestrated throughout Chef Dommi's artistry. Food is more than just flavor; it is also what connects each of us, nourishes, heals, and is passed down through generations. "It's an art form for me that I am thrilled to share with my community", says Chef Dommi Raye.  Her recipes are flavorful and delicately created, and Chef Dommi's services are simply unmatched. 



Yoga shows us the temporality of everything. We watch as our bodies change—the day-to-day fluctuations; the steady transformation over the years as we get stronger, as we get older. We learn to accept that nothing is permanent, that each practice will be different. We learn to let go of preconceived ideas of what we can or cannot do. We welcome every possibility.


Event Curation

Planning, executing, and directing events is a childhood pastime of Dommi Raye. Throughout her career, she has worked on boards, departments, and as a freelancer to bring event vision to life. While event planning began for her as a child assisting her mother, she served as the first Conference Services Intern at thee Central State University as an internship. This laid the professional foundation down. Today, Dommi makes events a way of life for her family and businesses. Learn today how we can bring life and fancy plant based fare to your next event!



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Tel: 313-600-4191   Email: hello@dommirayethebrand.com